Six days in Beijing

Tian'anmen (the Gate of Heavenly Peace)

How to play in Beijing ? Believe that many people have thought of international travel, But always afraid of delays due to various troubles caused by language barriers. Today from several aspects to introduce how to use six days playing time in Beijing.

  1. Travel Route

  2. Traffic

  3. Special Food

  4. Hotel

  5. Tips


Travel Route

D1     Tian’anmen Square(天安门广场) (1.5hours)    →    Qianmen Street(前门大街) (1.5hours)    →    The Palace Museum(故宫) (3hours)    →    Jingshan Park(景山公园) (1hour)

D2     Temple of Heaven(天坛) (2.5hours)    →    The Lama Temple(雍和宫) (2hours)    →    Confucian temple and (孔庙) (1.5hours)    →    Gui Street(簋街) (2hours)

D3     Prince kung’s Mansion(恭王府) (2.5hours)    →    Shicha Lake(什刹海) (3hours)    →    South Luogu Lane(南锣鼓巷) (1.5hours)    →    Shicha Lake Club(什刹海酒吧街) (2hours)

D4     The Garden of Gardens(圆明园) (3hours)    →    Tsinghua University(清华大学) (2hours)    →    The bird’s nest(鸟巢) (1hours)    →    Water Cube(水立方) (1hours)

D5     The Summer Palace(颐和园) (4hours)    →    Peking University(北京大学) (2hours)

D6     The Great Wall(八达岭长城) (3-4hours)    →    Ming Tombs(明十三陵) (2.5hours)


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